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Transgender and Non-Binary Youth: Advanced Practice Gender-Affirming Interventions to Help Clients Live an Authentic Life – Live Webinar

March 23, 2023 @ 6:00 am - 2:00 pm MST

Our transgender and non-binary youth are being hurt by overt discrimination, microaggressions, and health disparities. It’s a heartbreaking reality—society attacks them for just trying to be themselves.

If you’re not already seeing trans and non-binary young clients facing mental health issues, you will. Statistics show this is a growing population, with increasing cases of trauma, shame, fear, depression, and suicidal ideation. Your ability to provide gender-affirming mental health care could be lifesaving.

It’s critical that you’re prepared. An LGBTQ-friendly practice is not the same as one that is LGBTQ-informed. It’s time to become an ally.

This one-day training is your chance to de-pathologize treatment and reduce the vulnerabilities that can lead to significant negative outcomes for kids and teens. Susan Radzilowski, MSW, LMSW, ACSW, is a therapist, advocate, and ally whose decades of experience as a practicing clinician, along with her personal experience as a mother of a transgender child, make her uniquely qualified to teach you about working with trans and non-binary young clients.

From learning safe language, knowing the fine-points of assessment, gaining knowledge about hormones, navigating transitions, managing stigma, and beyond – Susan will cover all the bases so you not only understand these young people, but can truly advocate for them!

Register for this seminar and you’ll learn:

  • Tangible ways to create a welcoming clinical space
  • Interview strategies and questions for youth and parents
  • Essential strategies for support through transitions
  • Child-specific gender support plans for all settings
  • The most effective guidance and planning recommendations for parents
  • How to reconcile parental disagreements related to youth’s transition

It’s time to strengthen your practice with a modern skill set for helping transgender and non-binary youth. Don’t miss your opportunity to transform the lives of young clients, register now!


March 23, 2023
6:00 am - 2:00 pm
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