STARS had you in mind from the very start

People do business with others when it is in their best interest. Our job is to make our employees happy by offering the salary & benefits that make up the best compensation package available. We sweeten the deal with our special blend of appreciation. For clients, we provide quality of service, staff, and the rates that make the job easier for you. Our testimonials tell a lot about how we do business.

Ginny Paulsen

Ginny Paulsen, CEO

OTR/L with school experience. She makes things happen with hiring and placements.

Randy Paulsen

Randy Paulsen, CFO

Was a Certified Public Accountant. He keeps the numbers straight and the rates right.

Brian Paulsen

Brian Paulsen, COO

MSOT with school experience. He keeps operations smooth with hiring and placements.

Sue Bryniarski

Sue Bryniarski, Office Manager

She has her B.S. in Business Administration. She keeps the office running happy and smooth.

Amy Baxter

Amy Baxter, HR Director

Has her B.S. in Social Work. She knows the benefits and is the credential queen.

JR Paulsen

JR Paulsen, Accounting

Has his M.A. in School Psychology.  He processes payroll and receivables with efficiency and a friendly smile.