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Social Media, Reality TV & Influencer Culture: CBT, EFT, and More for Enhanced Treatment of Clients Impacted by Toxic Content – Live Webinar

April 28, 2023 @ 6:00 am - 2:00 pm MST

Creating lasting change in therapy is hard work – especially when your client is distracted, disengaged, or lacks the necessary skills to retain therapeutic interventions…

If you’re struggling to make progress with your young clients, you’re not alone! Social media, reality TV, and influencer culture immersion have caused a critical thinking drought. And it’s making therapy harder.

Understanding how social media and reality television impact your clients – decreased self-esteem, increased anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation − is vital for the whole picture of mental health and has a direct impact on you as the professional.

Join Janine Oliver, PhD, LCSW, clinician and researcher of reality tv and social media as she demonstrates the connection to critical thinking decline and shares ways to improve your efforts as a therapist to make your interventions more effective, efficient, and durable. You’ll get:

  • Strategies to sustain lasting critical thinking skills
  • Confidence grounded in new skills and research to navigate social media and reality tv
  • Proven strategies to enhance engagement and problem-solving to help your client come up with their own solutions
  • Exercises and assessment tools to build resilience and grit to enhance clients critical thinking

Register now and walk away confident and grounded in new skills and research to navigate social media, virtual reality and external influences impacting people today!


April 28, 2023
6:00 am - 2:00 pm
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