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Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment for TMJ, Cervical Spine Dysfunction, and Headaches – Webinar

July 12, 2023 @ 5:00 am - 12:00 pm MST

Headaches and cervicogenic vertigo are among the most common compounding symptoms experienced in Temporomandibular Disorder sufferers. The latest research supports findings that there is a close relationship between headache and TMD. Data also indicates that headache makes pain parameters more intense and frequent. Through this course the attendee will substantiate positive benefits including evidence-based practice and strong differential diagnosis. This approach fosters a quick recovery, return to functionality through the relief of pain, and provides answers for complex integrated symptoms stemming from the upper cervical spine and jaw. These added skills will create a practice to, “offer an avenue of a niche practice to patients affected with chronic painful events related to the jaw and upper cervical spine, with otherwise nowhere else to turn.”

This interactive course will expand your manual practice tool-box, which can branch out, to include cervical dizziness, TMD, and promote resources for a large subset of the population affected by postural and cervical headaches. Manual hands-on techniques involving trigger point palpation and intervention to relieve pressure, de-activation of symptomatic structures surrounding the jaw, as well as introduction into manual-based interventions including joint manipulation, trigger point dry needling, and IASTM. Techniques, differential diagnosis, and replication of symptoms will allow an adequate and effective plan of care to foster results and positive outcomes in patients affected by a complicated and complex pathology. Clinicians will be able to rule in and rule out various referral of symptoms whether it is postural, cervicogenic, derived from the jaw, and avenues to give patients relief of certain subtypes of headache without the use of medication.


  • Effective differential diagnosis for common dysfunctions related to the cervical spine, balance system, and jaw
  • Immediately improve your client’s functionality through relief of neck and jaw pain derived from the latest research that you can use the next day
  • Effective, evidence-based exercise prescriptions for resolving dizziness, restoring the balance system, resolving headaches, and relief of TMD pain
  • Strategies for relieving pain with the use of manual therapy techniques
  • Hands-on labs for assessing the involvement of the cervical spine (cervicogenic vertigo, cervicogenic headache), affected balance, and TMD treatment approaches


July 12, 2023
5:00 am - 12:00 pm
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