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Deb Dana’s Putting Polyvagal Theory into Practice: Nervous System-Based Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and More! – Live Webinar

April 13, 2023 @ 5:00 am - 1:00 pm MST

At the heart of our client’s symptoms – from anxiety and depression to traumatic stress and more – is a dysregulated nervous system.

Polyvagal Theory presents a clear roadmap of our nervous system that can guide both therapists and clients to the source of their most troubling symptoms.

And Polyvagal-informed treatments provide interventions that not only empower clients to understand how their nervous system shapes their experiences, but also offers powerful methods to re-shape those experiences in therapy.

This live interactive training will be led by Peggy Hough, MA, LCPC, CACD on behalf of Deb Dana, LCSW. Peggy is one of a select group of senior trainers who are part of Deb Dana’s training team for the 6-month clinical training course: Foundations of Polyvagal-Informed Practice.

This one-day training incorporates core elements from Deb’s groundbreaking framework, unique methodology, and best-selling book Polyvagal Exercises for Safety & Connection. You will learn how to effectively utilize Deb’s original tools and techniques in your client sessions. All workshop content and material copyright by Deb Dana LCSW & Rhythm of Regulation™, are incorporated in this PESI training with permission from Deb Dana. Attend and learn step-by-step to:

  • Track a client’s experience through their autonomic nervous system and uncover the specific places that keep them stuck
  • Interrupt and re-shape habitual autonomic patterns that cause their emotional suffering, maladaptive thoughts, and un-helpful or impulsive behaviors
  • Introduce Polyvagal practices to help clients find autonomic regulation and psychological safety
  • Utilize BASIC skills through seeing demos and experiencing the practices
  • BONUS: 90 days of unlimited on-demand replays of your training

With the practical guidance you’ll gain from this workshop, it’s now possible to get beneath symptoms and show clients how to safely listen to the “story” of their autonomic nervous system and to re-shape their experience toward safety and connection.

Understanding the human nervous system through a Polyvagal lens has been a game-changer for therapists across modalities. There is no better way to learn it than through experiencing it yourself in this highly practical, intervention-rich training.

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April 13, 2023
5:00 am - 1:00 pm
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