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Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Strategies for Concussions – Webinar

December 24, 2023 @ 6:00 am - 1:00 pm MST

Too often, a patient is seen after sustaining a concussion and given little to no guidance regarding how to return to school, work, activities, and sport effectively and safely without excessive symptom provocation. These patients frequently show symptoms well beyond the typical timeline, as they have missed out on proper rehabilitation opportunities. In addition, they potentially have developed secondary signs and symptoms related to prolonged removal and avoidance behavior from activities, such as psychosocial dysfunction and deconditioning. Rehabilitative clinicians have become critical components in the management of these patients, from diagnosis to full recovery.

This course will focus on the multi-system involvement, not limited to oculomotor, vestibular, orthopedic, and cardiovascular, in the assessment and rehabilitation of the concussed patient. The complexity of how each of these systems contributes to impairments and functional limitations will be defined. Assessment techniques for each of the above systems will be taught and practiced. The most up-to-date research on evidence-based assessment tools and evidence-informed guidelines will be presented as well as best practice tools for rehabilitation. Additionally, the course will illuminate gaps in knowledge and where more research is needed. It will discuss opportunities to collaborate with providers in other disciplines for the more inclusive management of the concussed athlete and how communication with schools, families, and workplaces is integral to the overall success of their recovery. Examples of how to participate in meaningful community outreach programs to aid in decision-making around safe return to play will be provided.


  • Gain confidence in how to assess a concussion/mild TBI patient and create an effective rehabilitation treatment plan
  • Immediately improve your ability to identify red flags of more severe TBI and referral protocols
  • Practice and review more than 15 examination techniques, including BPPV, visual, vestibular, and cervical spine tests and measures.
  • Learn evidence-based exercise prescriptions and evidence-informed return to sport protocols that are safe, effective, and efficient
  • Identify various system contributions to symptoms that may be limiting participation in school or work-related activities
  • Confidently differentiate concussion-based symptoms from other vestibular, cervical, and other system dysfunctions
  • Emerge with a comprehensive framework from which to build your referral network; including specific providers, degrees, and specialty certification examples


December 24, 2023
6:00 am - 1:00 pm
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